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Holiday Makeup Must-Haves

Holiday Makeup Must-Haves


Sometimes, when I let it all go-my inner struggles, my insecurities, my downfalls-I feel exposed. Naked. It's not the liberating feeling like walking around in your house in your birthday suit with not a care in the world. It's a vulnerable, cold, frightening situation in which we almost miss those things that we cling to for comfort, for "normalcy". I know it sounds jacked up, but seriously, think about it! Why do we continue to do hold onto things we know aren't good for us?

Work It Out, Girl

Summer isn't even here, so why am I already thinking about bikini season and those painful trips and excruciating journeys to the mall in order to find the perfect swimsuit. Why does something so small have to be such a ginormous and depressing task? Most swimsuits only have about 1-2 yards of fabric incorporated. Some-even less! It's a self-vs-self, self-vs-society's skewed body image ideal, self-vs-mirror conflict. So….how do we prepare for the swimsuit challenge? We amp ourselves up with a great playlist on our Ipod, plan out our meals and work it out.

Scrunchie Sighting

Round elastic rings surrounded by billowing fabric of all colors and textures. Not only do they put up a mean ponytail, they are actually very gentle for hair. They dont snag or damage the strands like many elastic bands do today. Stephanie Tanner from Full House sported those early 90s accessories like they were going out of style! And did you know that they have multiple uses? Yep, sure do! Great way to tie back over-sized shirts, act as a cute soda can belt, an accessory to adorn rearview mirrors and stick shifts and my ultimate favorite use-a fierce fabric finger slings. All you gotta do us aim, point, pull, and release. So where did these fabric wonders go? Out of style, out of production and onto the hair accessory wall of lame!!! They are hideous, however, it has provided me some good laughs when I do spot them. Scrunchie sightings(just like any sighting-leprechauns, unicorns, Bigfoot) are very rare these days, but when I see one, I get super duper pumped! Like totally! You may not see them in every ponytail or around wrists as often today, but you know they still exist...

So, God, why do I feel as though you are that thirty-something woman at the gym who is sporting a scrunchie along with some geometric print spandex? Very rare spottings-few and far between? Sometimes, it feels as though you have gone out of style and your obvious guidance for my life has fallen off the production line. It seems in certain times of life, we, your children, CANNOT SEE YOU even when we are crying out and demanding an appearance and for you to show yourself to us. We know you are there-we know your love and goodness exists, but why is it that when we feel like we need to see you and spot your plan for us, we can't?

I do know this. You are perfect. We are not. You know the plan for us. We do not. When you do reveal your plan in all it's glory and majesty, it can't compare to anything else-not even the rush of a scrunchie sighting. When I've seen you clearly at work and you've shown me your ways, it is overwhelming! So, for now I will trust you. I know you to be faithful, and even though there are days I cannot see you, I will trust you, keep these hazel eyes of mine wide-open, this huge heart pure and receptive and my keen ears ready to receive your next plan.

We are waiting for a God-sighting. Come reveal yourself.

"But You,Lord, don't be far away." Psalm 22:18

I would love to have you share any verses that are pertinent to today's devotion. Please post them on the comments area! You may just provide a piece of wisdom and sound mind to those like me who feel like God is absent and sometimes hard to see!

Best In Show

I love riding horses, but it's not always glamorous! So for now, I'm going to pretend that it can be without all the cowgirl bling and larger-than-life belt buckles! I'm destined for my horse to win, but just so you know, I'll be named "Best in Show"!

Best In Show

RED Valentino purple shirt
$227 -

Polo Ralph Lauren corduroy pants
$290 -

Miz Mooz knee high leather boots
$130 -

Miz Mooz knee high leather boots
$130 -

ASOS leather satchel
$125 -

Vanessa Mooney metal ring
$60 -

Old Navy chandelier earrings
$8.94 -

Forever 21 chain necklace
$3.80 -

Balm Of English Rose
£5 -